Britons bullied over higher energy bills in Russian TV rant ‘Would you like some more?’

Russian state TV host taunts Europe over high gas and oil prices

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The Russian TV host had a pop at Briton struggling with soaring energy bills and threatened Europe with higher oil prices unless western leaders back down over Ukraine. Popov told European to “eat and devour those high prices” the European Commission scrambled to agree on a proposed 15 percent reduction on energy use across the European Union in a bid to control runaway prices. 

Popov told Russia1: “Yes, it’s us who created high energy prices for you British!

“Europeans, eat and devour those high prices! 

“Here you are, exorbitant oil prices!

“Here you are, Swedish shoplifter! Would you like more?

“Go on then, keep feuding with us!

“Europeans, your governments are cretins!”

“They can only do one thing – feud with Russia,” he added.

“They don’t care about your prosperity!”

Russian troops and vehicles attacked by Ukrainian forces

Popov continued: “If they carry on acting like this, we’ll make your lives even sweeter!

“And how your future turns out is all the same to us!”

The German state of Bavaria agreed on ways to cut energy use by 15 percent between August and the end of March, including turning down thermostats in public buildings, as Europe’s biggest economy braces for possible further cuts in Russian gas supplies.

The measures are in line with a European Commission proposal for a 15 percent reduction across the European Union, which could be made legally binding if, as feared, Russia turns off the gas.

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Germany, which before Moscow invaded Ukraine on February 24, had relied on Russia for more than half of its gas, is particularly vulnerable to disruption and has already experienced a drop in supply.

According to a five-point programme approved by Bavaria’s cabinet on Tuesday, public offices should be heated to a maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and water in bathrooms will not be heated in winter.

The aim of the measures in the southeastern region is to help fill the country’s gas storage facilities to protect against shortages during the peak demand winter, the state chancellery said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, energy is running out. The state government will therefore save even more,” Bavaria’s premier Markus Soeder tweeted on Tuesday.

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