Brit manages to capture terrifying footage of puma on thermal camera in Wales

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A bloke who claims to have the best evidence yet of a big cat roaming the UK countryside says “it wasn't massive, probably three times the size of an adult cat”.

Nick Lachevre travelled down from Manchester to Pwllheli in Wales in the hope of seeing the fabled beast.

He said that "within minutes" he reckons he caught the puma on camera.

Nick said: "The other reports have said that the animal they've seen is a tawny, sandy colour but this one was more grey. I was parked near the old lifeboat station with the headlights and the engine off.

"I put the monoculars on and saw it straight away, walking along the dunes. Then I saw it walking towards me."

Nick told North Wales Live: "By the time I managed to get my phone out of my pocket to take a picture it had gone, but it was right in front of the van, maybe about 10 to 5ft away.

"It wasn't quite the size of a Labrador but it was 100% not a fox, I put my headlamps on and could see it had little pointy ears outlined in black."

He also spotted some large paw prints near Glan-y-Don beach, which is across the harbour from where he spotted the puma, in March this year. He added: "It's the perfect hunting ground because of all the rabbits.

"The headland connects all the way to Llanbedrog so it wouldn't surprise me if it was up and down there. I'm adamant I'll get a picture of it one of these days."

Nick now says he plans on going back to the area over the next few weeks in the hope of seeing the animal again. This comes after three fishermen reported seeing a puma near the beach while night fishing in March earlier this year.

This was followed by another sighting by Jimmy Butler and his nine-year-old son who say they both saw a "brown or tawny puma" while setting up a barbecue on the beach.

Then, last month, the discovery of an animal carcass in sand dunes in Pwllheli sparked rumours it may have been killed by a big cat.

When big cats were banned as pets in the 1970s, owners from across the UK are thought to have travelled to areas like Wales to release their cats in the remote environment.

The big cats regularly spotted around the UK could well be the descendants of those abandoned pets.

Puma Watch North Wales said that it is likely that the reduced levels of human activity during the pandemic has encouraging big cats to roam further from the hills into more populated areas.

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