Bored Ape crypto-themed restaurant no longer accepting cryptocurrency as payment

A restaurant bearing the imagery of the Bored Ape NFT and with a cryptocurrency themed style is no longer accepting the digital currency, according to reports.

When it opened in April Bored & Hungry in Long Beach, Los Angeles, the burger joint "embraced the aesthetics of crypto culture," and was also "all-in on the digital money part too," according to the LA Times.

However, in the midst of a crypto crash that has seen Bitcoin drop to its lowest price since December 2020, the restaurant has stopped accepting digital currencies in return for their services.

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An employee at the restaurant, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the LA Times they cut the option, but didn't say whether the decision was final.

“Not today — I don’t know,” they said, declining to clarify how long ago the store stopped accepting crypto or whether that option will eventually return.

When the store opened in April, their social media team boasted on Twitter that it would make history for accepting ethereum or apecoin.

Both coins are down more than 60% since early April.

Owner Andy Nguyen said he paid more than $330,000 (£269,000) for the different ape-themed NFTs that form the basis of his restaurant’s brand.

However, some patrons don't care about the NFT aspect and visit the restaurant in a purely traditional sense.

Michael Powers, 46, of Long Beach said he went to Bored & Hungry as often as two or three times a week.

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He told The Times that he didn’t know the spot was NFT-themed until his sons explained it to him. Mr Powers said the branding is what first hooked him.

Another Long Beach local, 30-year-old Richard Rubalcaba, said he bought into ethereum after meeting other crypto investors during the restaurant's grand opening.

But he chooses to pay there in dollars. “I don’t know how [crypto purchases] would work, with the crash,” he said.

Lindsey, 33, of San Pedro — said she didn’t know anything about crypto but came to Bored & Hungry for the vegan burgers.

“I’m pretty outside the world of cryptocurrency and all that stuff,” said Lindsey, who declined to give her last name, “so I’m definitely gonna go home and Google that.”

Jessica Perez, 24, of Gardena doesn’t follow cryptocurrency either. She and her friends merely like the burgers, she said: “We rate this up there with In-N-Out, maybe even better.”


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