Bloke’s X-rated attempt at toad in the hole leaves dinner party guests red-faced

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A man’s attempt at making a simple English dish for a dinner party proved to be a hilarious culinary cock-up.

Dining guests got more than they bargained for when they tucked into his lovingly prepared toad in the hole, after the intrepid cook decided to veer off piste and produce individual creations.

Traditionally, toad in the hole consists of a large Yorkshire pudding batter with several sausages cooked within it, and it is then carved up and served with vegetables and gravy.

It is a Sunday lunch staple that has been around since the 18th century, when it was originally made to stretch out meat in poor households.

Only this chap decided to serve up mini Yorkshire puddings all with their very own banger inside and after several minutes of sizzling away in the oven, they all rose splendidly to attention, although that was probably not what the amateur chef had in mind.

The result was X-rated stuff, leaving his visitors red-faced, sparking much amusement from their own household.

Social media users were quick to fire off a a few gags after a picture of the obscene dish, which has had over 55,000 likes, was posted on Twitter with the words: “So apparently, individual toad in the hole isn’t the best thing to serve at a dinner party.”

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Rupert Houseman, the creator of the food faux paus, replied: “My son thought it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen.”

“Bet you'll never see these on Masterchef,” said one onlooker, while another added: “The recipe says a sprinkle of pepper, not viagra.”

There was also “Coq without the vin…”, while someone else posted: “I’m thinking to finish the look – serve it with two scoops of mash and some purple-sprouting broccoli."

A final word went to one chap who tweeted: “I found it particularly ironic because I have a thingy that’s shaped like an individual toad in the hole.”

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