Bloke on dream Caribbean holiday stripped naked and jumped into plane engine

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A tourist on a dream holiday killed himself by stripping naked and throwing himself into the engine of a plane due to a lack of medication.

In a scarcely believable story, American citizen Daniel John O’Brien died in a bizarre manner at the age of just 31 in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago.

In January 1990 he is said to have scaled an airport wall in the nude, attacked four security guard and stole their four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Bruce McKenzie, the consul at the American embassy in Trinidad, claimed that O'Brien drove the four-wheel drive into a British Airways 747 jet.

He then clambered out of the wreckage, smeared grease on his bleeding shoulder and hurled himself into one of the plane's engines.

An airport official said at the time: "Nobody ever thought in his wildest dreams that that was what he was going to do."

Landscaper O'Brien, who lived in Roselle, Illinois, was reportedly staying with a friend at the Belair Hotel, which borders one of the runways at Piarco International Airport outside of Port of Spain.

The tragic holidaymaker was on holiday with his friend David Meyer, who said he was awakened at around 10.30pm at night by someone trying to choke him, according to McKenzie.

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He said Meyer was knocked down with a lamp, but fought off O'Brien, who then ran out of the hotel in the nude.

McKenzie said: "The police told me that he had actually driven off after the crash into the one engine, about 150 metres.

"And that he went back on foot to the airplane."

A family friend said that the tragedy unfolded after O'Brien could not find medication for an unspecified health problem.

Former neighbour Sonya Kocour said: "It was a medical, a health [problem]."

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