Bloke goes through excruciating leg lengthening procedure to grow 3 inches

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    A bloke who was desperate to be taller underwent excruciating leg-extension procedures to make himself three inches longer.

    Tired of being 5ft6, Roy Conn underwent a whopping £130,000 bone-lengthening process that involved having both of his femurs broken.

    The complex procedure has been around since the 1950s, with Conn taking to ITV’s This Morning with Holly and Phil to discuss what that wild experience involved.

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    Appearing on the show on Thursday (November 17), he said: “No, it wasn’t a major issue. It was just something I was always aware of since being young and, just like you said, I got the time in my life when I could afford it.

    “And that’s it. I didn’t have a real complex about it, I just always felt like I was short.

    “My wife was more worried about it than I and she liked me the way I was, of course, why wouldn’t she?

    “So, it was for me, it wasn’t for anyone else.”

    The surgery itself took just an hour and a half. If you can afford it, one of the most off-putting things is perhaps the recovery process.

    Discussing the journey, Conn said: “It was very tough at first, and, yeah, it was definitely quite painful.

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    “But you just get through [it].”

    The doctor who performed the procedure, Dr Kevin Debiparshad, explained some of the details of the procedure, which he says is more popular than ever following the pandemic.

    “It will probably take an hour and a half to complete the procedure," he told LadBible.

    "The patient then has to go through the lengthening process, which takes about a millimetre a day.

    “It takes you about 25 days to get an inch and nearly two and half months, or so, to capture three inches of length, during the process.”

    He added: “You know, I think it’s a combination of events, and in the pandemic, certainly I think, length itself to at home working.

    "I think that if you’re planning to get taller, probably having an at-home job is probably useful, since you can go back to work within days of having the procedure and no one would know why.

    “So you can go through the entire process and get to the end while still maintaining full time employment, so I think that’s one of the reasons.”


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