Bloke attacked by a gang of over 10 monkeys after he ‘peeing on side of road’

A man was attacked by a gang of over 10 monkeys after they spotted him relieving himself at the side of the road.

Manee Chitdutsadee, 44, was reportedly mauled by the gang on a roadside in Ranong, Thailand, with a nearby motorist intervening when the interaction took a turn.

It is believed the victim of the attack tried to fend off against the monkeys, who managed to coax the man into stumbling down a 50-metre cliff.

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He is now recovering in hospital, while a motorist who witnessed the attack rushed to Nasak Police Station to report the injuries of Mr Chitdutsadee.

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Manee is reportedly recovering from his injuries after a tumble down the 50-metre cliff face, with the monkeys in hot pursuit and sprinting down the cliff after him.

The attack began when the 44-year-old relieved himself at the roadside, where a gang of pig-tailed macaques appeared out of nowhere and began to attack.

Finding himself surrounded by the gang, he tumbled down the cliff, with the monkeys following and continuing their assault before a motorist intervened, Thaiger reported.

Despite consistent sightings of wild and sometimes dangerous animals, there had been no reports of injuries or death occurring because of the wildlife, until now.

Manee's condition remains stable, with authorities and medical personnel monitoring his recovery at Sawee Hospital in Ranong.

His injuries are currently unknown, although it is confirmed a motorist intervened and alerted authorities to the scene where Manee had fallen down a cliff and been assaulted by the monkey gang.

It is not the only bout of monkey gang attacks either, with the Daily Star previously reporting a number of dangerous incidents involving a drunk monkey.

The animal allegedly attacked up to 4,000 people over the course of three months as locals let the primate drink booze with them.

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