‘Bizarre assumption of liberators!’ Russia soldiers humiliated as propaganda plans fail

Russian forces are 'in disarray' in Ukraine says Ben Wallace

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Ben Wallace was interviewed by Sky News presenter Mark Austin, who is in Ukraine, and delivered an update on the conflict which sees Russian ground forces around 30km north of Kyiv. Mr Wallace explained the strong resistance from Ukrainians had slowed down the Russian advance as reports emerged of Russian vehicles running out of fuel and soldiers abandoning their posts. The Defence Secretary added Vladimir Putin had entered Ukraine under false pretences as he believed Russian troops would be warmly welcomed by Ukrainians as they would be seen as “liberators”.

Speaking on Sky News, Mr Wallace delivered an update on the Ukraine conflict and explained Russia was struggling with its logistics.

Mr Wallace said Mr Putin believed Russia would be better welcomed by Ukrainians but has instead seen staunch resistance.

He explained: “That airport, that strategic airport you covered on the first day that has changed hands a few times – clearly didn’t get captured by the Russians in the way that they’d like to use it.

“It forced them to do all sorts of things, the Russians have not captured the big cities like Chernihiv and Kharkiv up on the side up in the northeast of the country, quite close to some of their borders.

“But they have made better progress than their other forces still behind schedule in the south.

“So they’re not on schedule, there are some significant areas of disarray, their logistics lines are therefore slowed down.

“And, you know, that’s because they based all of this on this sort of bizarre assumption that the Ukrainians would welcome them as liberators.

“Or President Putin has taken that assumption and now that is not the case that’s causing them to pause.”

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Mr Wallace said the resistance was causing “logistical trouble” for Russia who could not organise a strong attack into the country.

Over the weekend, a video emerged of a Russian tank running out of fuel with a Ukrainian man offering to tow it back to Russia.

Videos also appeared to show the tanks in bad conditions and demoralised young Russian soldiers scared after being captured.


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Later in the interview, Mr Wallace was asked about the comments made by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to the BBC where she said UK individuals can go to Ukraine and fight if they want.

The Defence Secretary distanced himself from the comments, explaining people in their individual capacity can go but those who are part of the UK army should not make the journey.

He added only those who have military experience should go over but stressed there were better ways to help Ukraine rather than providing troops.

Mr Wallace then explained the biggest request he has seen from Ukraine is the supply of anti-tank weapons. 


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