Big mistake Macron slammed as leader could dip France into Ukraine war in major faux pas

Macron slammed as leader to dip France into Ukraine war

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French President Emmanuel Macron has come under fire for failing to clarify comments he made about how the French people will have to “pay the price of our freedom”. Speaking at a World War Two memorial, the President said the Ukraine war is “thundering at our doorstep” and praised the “heroic resistance” of the Ukrainian people in the face of the “terrible assaults from the Russian army and its auxiliaries.” Republican MP Eric Ciotti slammed the President on French broadcaster BFM TV for his enigmatic comments.

On behalf of the Republican Party, MP Ciotti said: “We question those words and I questioned them. I asked myself: what is behind this?

“Is it the fact that France is going to participate more actively in the war in Ukraine with French soldiers on Ukrainian soil?

“I think it would be a very big mistake for France to become a co-belligerent (to wage war).

“I think that either the President of the Republic has said too much or not enough.”

“But his words are extraordinarily worrying and anxiety-provoking,” Eric Ciotti said.

“What is he hiding? What is he concealing? The President of the Republic must explain himself.

“Is it on the military front that there will be a stronger commitment?

“Personally, I contest it and I don’t want us to go in that direction because France should not be a co-belligerent in this conflict.

“Is it on the economic level?” Mr Ciotti asked.

“And here, in a way, does the President of the Republic not want to blame the conflict for his internal faults?” Mr Ciotti asked.

“I’m thinking of what’s coming up on energy.”

When pressed on whether Macron was responsible for the hike in energy prices, Mr Ciotti defended:”If we are in this situation, it is largely due to the errors of the multiannual energy programme.”

In a speech in Bormes-les-Mimosas, President Macron warned the French to brace for difficult autumn and winter, as the country could face energy shortages and soaring energy bills fuelled by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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“I am thinking of our people, who will need great fortitude to face the coming times, to overcome uncertainty, adversity, and sometimes the easy way out, and, united, to accept the pay the price of our freedom and our values,” the French President said.

France has filled up its gas storage to 89.5 percent, according to data from Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) released on August 21, shutting down earlier concerns about potentially upcoming blackouts this winter.

The French President has so far failed to clarify his comments on how the French “will pay the price of our freedom.”

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