Beaten Putin puppet struggles to admit humiliating Russian defeat

Russian state TV presenter questions how the war is going

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Ukrainian forces have turned the tide in the war against Russia, military observers say, in a successful counteroffensive on multiple fronts in the east and south of the country. Despite Vladimir Putin’s mobilisation of 300,000 conscripts, Ukrainian troops have broken through Russian frontlines. As Ukrainian troops inexorably reclaim lost territories, Russian officials, generals and propagandists have started to blame each other, with one Russian TV host pinning the blame on army generals for providing innacurate reports of the the Russian advances.

Vladimir Solovyov told his audience: “On every level, lying must be punished most severely!

“Because the time has now come to tell the truth and to act finally, to act! To take them out with our firepower!

“I hope we’ve got that at least,” said the presenter, who appeared to have lost faith in the Russian army.

A dismayed Mr Solovyov, who previsouly applauded Russian forces for their successful war operations, said: “Or will it become again clear that we don’t, like with uniforms for mobilised soldiers? I don’t know.

“By the way, I don’t understand anything about warfare, and I don’t pretend to. 

“But please, explain to me what the General Staff’s genius idea is now. Well, they probably have one and we’ll see it come to fruition.

“I’m prepared to wait. I’m prepared to wait.”

The visibly depressed Russian host then went on to question the army’s capacity to fight the war and handle the military funds.

He said: “Only explain to me, dear people who have received all the necessary budget funds over so many years. What? Do you think time is on our side?

“We’ve already allowed them to consolidate in a colossal way, to increase hugely the amount of weapons they have, and to recruit an awful number of mercenaries whom we’re now fighting.

“The Ukrainian army ceased to exist long ago. Even in terms of their personnel numbers, it’s just mercenaries and mercenaries. And in that time, what have you done?”

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Putin’s forces are suffering major setbacks on all frontlines, with reports of Russian lacking the required equipment to fight and some refusing to take up arms amid faulty logistics.

In another blow to Putin’s war efforts, Ukrainian forces have retaken the northeastern Kharkiv region, are pushing Russian forces east in Donetsk and have broken Russian defences in the southern Kherson region, according to military reports.

Hundreds of thousands of Russian conscripts have fled the country, smashing Putin’s capacity to replenish his forces.

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