BBC Weather: Carole Kirkwood warns frost on the way as cold front to engulf UK

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns frost is on the way

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The BBC Weather meteorologist said chillier conditions will be taking over by Friday morning, with frost forecast for Scotland, northern England, and Northern Ireland. Carol Kirkwood said cloud will remain in charge through most of Thursday, with heavy outbreaks of rain slowly sinking towards the south during the day. Ms Kirkwood said: “This morning there’s a lot of cloud around once again.

“We’ve also got some fog in the Southwest of England, something to bear in mind if you’re traveling – some of that is pretty dense.

“And it’s going to turn windier through the course of the day across the far north of Scotland.

“That’s because we’ve got this weather front. It’s a cold front, it’s producing some heavy rain and it’s going to sink slowly southwards.

“But high pressure still clinging on in the south, lot of cloud around. That’s helping maintain the temperature level at the moment.”

Ms Kirkwood continued: “This morning the fog will slowly lift, some of it into low cloud, the emphasis is on a lot of cloud with a few sunny breaks, and the rain slipping southwards, and heavy bursts of rain in that.

“Gusty winds, gales across the far north of mainland Scotland and also the northern isles.

“Behind this system, fresher air comes in and some of the showers that follow in behind…we could see some wintriness on higher ground.

“Temperature range 12C to about 17C.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster said the cold front dictating weather conditions across the north on Thursday will slowly move southwards, bringing chillier conditions and rain to the Midlands.

She added: “Through this evening and overnight, the same weather front slips slowly southwards as a weakening feature, taking its cloud and rain with it.

“Behind it, some colder conditions follow on – there’ll be some frost tonight across parts of Scotland, the far north of northern England, and also Northern Ireland.

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“But still in the mild air as we come further south with the winds easing.

“Friday is brighter but chillier.

“We hang on to the milder air in the south but the blue hues push down all the way down to the Midlands.”

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