‘Bad but not mad!’ Vladimir Putin humiliated as nuclear war threat brutally dismantled

Putin 'not mad in a clinical psychiatric sense' says Sweeney

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The British author claimed the Russian dictator was bad and not mad unlike many other political experts had claimed. John Sweeney discussed Vladimir Putin’s KGB mindset having become friends with a man who spent years in a gulag run by KGB agents, for his defiance against Communist corruption. Mr Sweeney claimed Putin was not mad, or having hallucinations and hearing voices but was in sound mental health.

He told Times Radio: “In 2016 I was invited by the Ukrainian psychiatric association, my favourite organisation on the whole planet.

“And they had me in and I am gonna be talking in Lviv about the danger of Scientology because Scientology was setting up shop in Ukraine.

“This wonderful president of the association is my friend and Semyon Gluzman, Semyon was the first Soviet psychiatrist back in the seventies to blow the whistle on the Soviet’s abuse of psychiatry.

“Essentially locking up a brilliant Soviet Ukrainian general who had complained against the Communist Party enriching itself.

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Mr Sweeney added: “And he was locked up as somebody who was criminally insane and given horrible psychiatric drugs.

“And Semyon wrote a brilliant paper eviscerating this evil, dark nonsense.

“He spent ten years in the gulag under KGB thumb which makes him an expert, probably the world expert on the KGB mindset.

“He’s never met Putin but he knows lots of people who were inside the KGB and he understands them.

“His view is that Putin is not mad in the clinical psychiatric sense, he does not have hallucinations, he doesn’t hear voices.

“And that’s kind of positive because it means that if he is bad but not mad, then there’s a rational actor.”

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Putin’s mental health has been called into question by health professionals and political commentators since before the beginning of his illegal invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian dictator has continued to raise concerns, due to his constant comparisons to himself and other historic figures such as Peter the Great.

Despite Mr Sweeney’s suggestion that Putin is sound in mental health, other experts are still not as convinced.

Daniel Gerlach, a member of the private research and advisory group Zenith Council believes otherwise as Germany’s Government officials have been studying Putin’s actions.

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Mr Gerlach told DW News: “One of the reasons why they’re keeping the line of communication is because they want to feel the temperature of Putin’s mental health.

“It’s now just about trying to assuage him, to talk him into something, to talk him into compromises. I think the German government’s intelligence and security experts are worried about how Putin is going to go.

“And if they cut this rope, this line of communication, they are worried that he might go even further. And they would be taken by surprise. I don’t know if that is a logical assessment of the situation but at least I think it’s totally understandable.

“I’m not defending Scholz’s or Macron’s positions and Putin. I know that Macron for a very long time had the illusion that he could read Putin and all his political advisers were like, you’re delusional, you’re not going to do this and you’re weak in the face of this man.”

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