Baby born with two penises stuns doctors who say he could end up using both

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    A boy born with two penises has surprised medical professionals who believe the youngster could end up using both.

    The medical anomaly was found on a baby recently born in Pakistan, with two "normal-shaped" members and no anus a sign of an extremely rare medical condition.

    Affecting very few around the globe, the baby appears to have been born with a case of diphallia, a condition that affects one in six million babies.

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    The incredibly strange and rare health condition was spotted recently and written up in a medical journal which noted one penis was longer than the other and both could pass urine.

    Medical surgeons left both members intact and it is unclear as to why they did so, while also creating an opening with a colonoscopy so he could pass stool.

    A recent medical journal showcased the anomaly, with notes from the birth showing the unnamed youngster was operated on immediately after birth.

    It proved successful although the medical journal did note there was a higher risk of mortality due to the rarity of the condition.

    The journal read: "The higher complexity and mortality associated with Diphallia is because of the accompanying anomalies of urogenital and gastrointestinal system."

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    But the youngster thankfully received a successful surgery and was out of the hospital after two days of recovering from the creation of a colostomy.

    The journal noted the surgery had successfully restored the youngster's "functional anatomy" meaning he could pass urine as well as stool in the future.

    Only 100 cases of diphallia have ever been recorded in human history, with the boy born after 36 weeks one of the most recent examples of the rare condition that left him with two "well-formed phalluses", Daily Mail reported.

    The surgery diverted a colon end through an opening on the lower left side of the abdomen, although it is still unclear how diphallia occurs as there are no known single risk factors.

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