American bloke keeps 10 guns in car ‘in case of fight with mafia boss’

A man flaunted an extensive airsoft gun collection in his car and joked he might need them "in case he had to fight against a mafia boss".

The 19-year-old, who is known as TS Blur on YouTube, gave his fans a "tour" of what imitation firearms he kept in his car.

He started by saying: "Yo guys, in case you are wondering, here are the guns I keep in my car.

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"First, got a Glock 17 by the door, no 'rear sight' because I don't need to aim.

"[Right below the steering wheel] We've got a FNX45 with a laser light combo in case I get into an oopsie at night.

"We've got a Glock42 here [by the gearbox], it's like a mini Glock. We've got a minier Glock here [at the front]."

He points the camera to the passenger seat, and continues: "To my right, we've got an MP5, just because I love it and down here we've got an Uzi, in case I have to fight a mafia boss.

"Anyways, open up the glove box, we've got a Combat Master to fight, oh f***, just in case I have to fight John Wick."

The back of the car is where he places the heavy-duty guns – a semi automatic shotgun and a Glock 18C with converstion kit.

"Oh I almost forgot, I've got a revolver in here, have to do an old Western standoff to face the cowboys," he added.

Viewers were stunned and joked that it is the "most American thing" to boast.

"Who here has 27 felony charges and is currently on the run!" one joked and a second said: "Oh my goodness, this is what armed to the teeth literally means."

A third added: "Tell me you're American without telling me you're American."

The young man said he "legally owns" all his airsoft guns, and added: "I'm not breaking any laws or any terms of service this video was shot in a safe environment with proper safety techniques!"


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