2nd case of coronavirus confirmed among repatriated Grand Princess passengers

The local health unit in Trenton, Ont., has confirmed a second case of the novel coronavirus at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton.

On Monday, 228 Canadians were repatriated by the federal government after an outbreak of the virus that causes COVID-19 on the Grand Princess cruise ship, which was holding thousands of passengers in quarantine off the coast of California.

No passengers were allowed to board the plane back to Canada if they were exhibiting symptoms. Nine passengers and crew members stayed behind since an unidentified number of them had contracted the virus.

Wednesday, despite screening measures, the Public Health Agency of Canada announced one of the passengers had tested positive for the virus after landing in Trenton. Public health officials did not give any information about the individual who tested positive but said they were exhibiting mild symptoms.

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health said the original passenger who tested positive started exhibiting symptoms of the disease on the plane to Canada.

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