Sleep better on flights with this hand luggage item – could ‘change your life’

Is there anything worse than spending a long-haul red-eye desperately trying to dose off, but being woken up by a seatmate’s reading light or the flickering of a nearby TV screen? For many, managing to get a restful sleep on a flight can be a challenge, but in doing so, it will make a world of difference when you land at your destination re-charged and ready to go.

Though a lot of factors can contribute to getting a decent snooze onboard, there’s one item which several passengers have claimed can “change your life”. Sharing to the Reddit forum R/travel, a travel enthusiast asked fellow fliers for their top recommendations on “travel accessories that have really changed your travel life”.

While there were plenty of recommendations, one thing several passengers agreed in unison over was the benefits of carrying an eye mask with you.

Sharing to the forum, Reddit user @ashrevolts recommended an “eye mask for overnight flights.” They added: “If you haven’t used one of these, try it out – it really helps especially when paired with headphones. I don’t use a travel pillow but I bring my biggest scarf for the flight and use it as a blanket or pillow.”

Similarly, user @jadeoracle said an eye mask is one of the only travel items they “consistently use”. They recommend opting for “a counter eye mask to block out all light”, adding: “I started using this at home too.”

While some airlines, such as British Airways, offer amenity kits on certain routes and in certain cabins, which have a handy eye mask with them, this isn’t the case for every airline – particularly budget carriers such as Jet2 or easyJet.

But, it isn’t going to cost you a lot to invest in an eye mask, and it won’t take up too much space in your luggage either.

Currently, Amazon has eye masks on offer for under £5. Or, if you prefer to splurge on something a little more luxurious, Fortnum and Mason offer a stylish lavender-filled eye mask designed by Elizabeth Scarlett assured to send you into a relaxing slumber for £25.

Best eye mask deals has rounded up some of our top picks on eye masks, from contoured masks which promise to block out light, to more simple options.

This cotton eye mask offers blackout protection to ensure you aren’t awoken by sudden light changes.

This 100 percent silk sleep mask comes with an adjustable strap and a fun, moon and star print. Right now the eye mask is discounted by 15% on Amazon.

This light-blocking sleep mask fastens around your head and has an adjustable head strap. 

This blackout eyemask by the brand HM Halo features a flexible nose design which contours to your face to block out all light. It’s currently discounted on Amazon by 41%.

This luxurious eye mask comes in a gorgeous shade of deep red by the brand Sleepeasy. Currently, it is discounted on the Beauty Pie website. 

Featuring delicate embroidery on a luxurious soft base, this Elizabeth Scarlett Honey Bee Eye Mask is filled with sweet lavender to help you drift away into a dreamy night’s sleep.


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