Ryanair customer’s travel pillow hack sneaks extra luggage on plane for free

Now travel restrictions have mostly eased, many are eager to get their miles in by jetting off abroad.

But while seeking some sun or soaking up some culture is exciting, the cost of travelling is not as appealing.

So having been faced with pricey luggage fees, one woman concocted a hilarious plan to try and save some pounds.

Kristen Black is the mastermind behind a series of travel hacks that she has declared that will “save money" and "save space".

Taking to TikTok using the username @kristenashleyblack, she posted a step-by-step guide on “How to pack for your Ryanair flight.”

First in line of her luggage hacks, Kristen kneels down on the airport floor to demonstrate how to make a “DIY neck pillow.”

Armed with a turtleneck jumper, Kristen took some items of clothing and rolled them inside the sweater.

She then tied the arms around her neck to fashion the home-made neck pillow.

Next, Kristen showed viewers a nifty way of getting your souvenirs on board without having to cough up anymore cash.

She instructed: “Use your hat for the souvenirs you bought during ya trip.”

Hilariously, the savvy holidaymaker put a small cuddly toy lamb on her head and then managed to conceal it with a bobble hat.

For her last trick, Kristen insists that you should “stuff” your coat pockets full of belongings to really keep the luggage weight down.

After wearing half her hand luggage instead of carrying it, she joked about being “ready for Paris fashion week".

And more importantly, she also said that she is “saving money".

As many people related to the travel issue, Kristen’s video went viral and garnered 5.4 million views and 489,000 likes.

Many were amused by the TikTokers creativity in the comments section.

One person commented: “Miss the old days in which I’d embark wearing a ski jacket + overall + 7 T-shirts.”

Another person added: “Now show us you are attempting to walk onto that flight exactly like that.”

Someone else related to the woman's idea: “Literally stuffed a small pillow up my hoodie and pretended I was pregnant so my sister could get her pillow home on the plane.”

Even Ryanair commented on the TikTok video, joking: “Bestie I’m scared.”

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