Remote Scottish island is hiring ranger to tend to landscape and care for birds

Looking for a new job in 2021?

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can apply to work as a ranger on the stunning Handa Island.

The remote Scottish land mass, located a few miles off Sutherland’s west coast, needs a caretaker to watch over seabird colonies that live there.

While there haven’t been any full-time residents on the island since 1848, there’s no shortage off feathered friends.

In the summer, thousands of guillemots, kittiwakes and fulmars descend on Handa Island.

Rangers will also be able to spot birds like Arctic Skuas and puffins, as well as marine life such as dolphins, whales and seals.

The job, advertised by The Scottish Wildlife Trust, is seasonal and pays £17,290 for a six-month contract.

You can apply as an individual or share the money as a couple provided that you live together.

The role job advert reads: “This exciting role requires excellent organisational skills, coupled with a high degree of flexibility.

“You will be responsible for organising work programs for yourself and a team of volunteers, with the ability to constantly adapt your plan according to changing conditions.

“Living and working with your team, and other occasional guests, will play to your excellent people skills, and you will be comfortable in a highly sociable environment.”

Applicants will need a driving licence and car so they can take trips to the nearby village of Scourie.

This is the only way they can do everyday tasks like shopping, visiting the bank or doing laundry.

They are also required to have “a thorough knowledge of seabird monitoring methodology and practice; have sound knowledge of marine and terrestrial natural history and be able to produce an annual report on the season’s activities”.

While it will undoubtedly be a lot of hard work, there are benefits to going off-grid.

The advert adds: “This role at times can be physically demanding yet hugely rewarding and will more than satisfy your desire to work outdoors in a remote and stunning location.”

Applications close on January 17 so you’ll have to be quick if you’re interested!

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