Passenger fined £84 for cabin bag – even though it seemed to meet the rules

A holidaymaker has expressed his outrage after being charged £84 ($100) to bring his suitcase onto his flight.

Many of us have worried about our cabin bag being too large or heavy because it can result in being charged additional costs.

However, in this case the tourist was furious as he claims his bag fit within the size checker at the gate.

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TikTok creator, @cubsracingsociety, shared a video on the social media site claiming that airline Frontier checked every passengers bag when they boarded.

He noted that everyone whose bag did not fit in the measurement frame was given the fine.

The tourist noted: "Frontier is checking everyone's bags to make sure they fit in the little box. If it doesn't fit, then you have to pay $100 (£84).

"It's dumb because you're going to carry the bag on the plane anyways, you just have to pay if it's a few inches bigger."

He showed another passenger slotting his bag into the rack with ease – but he was still reportedly handed the extra fee for “shoving” it in.

After the bloke argued with the staff about being charged the extra money he was also apparently asked to apologise to them.

The TikTok creator said: "This guy barely used any force at all and he was still forced to pay $100 and give an apology to the gate agent."

In the clip, a man was shown to be berated by airline stage for leaving the check-in agent “embarrassed.”

Commenters below the video weighed in on the situation, but were gobsmacked by the behaviour.

One person said: “The employee got me so mad. I wouldn’t have been flying tht day.”

“I wouldn’t be apologizing,” exclaimed another.

A third wrote: “How sad, especially after he removed items to try to make it fit. He didn’t aggressively shove it, that’s wild.”

The Daily Star contacted Frontier Airlines for comment.

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