Mobeo provides connectivity for overseas travel and pays travel agents: Travel Weekly

The Mobeo travel app promises travelers an easier way to stay connected and informed when traveling abroad, while also providing what could become a steady commission source for travel advisors whose clients purchase the service.

For a flat daily fee ranging from $7 to $17.50 depending on the destination, the app gives users data connectivity access in more than 100 countries, unlimited worldwide calls, destination guides and more. Mobeo was developed by information technology company Itoorer.

Mobeo is paying advisors 15% commission.

The destination content featured in the app — a feed with information on more than 40,000 points of interest and 6,000 destinations — comes from Travel42, which is owned by Northstar Travel Group (Travel Weekly’s parent company).

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Mobeo uses eSIM technology, which is found on newer smartphones (Mobeo’s website includes compatibility check information.)  The app helps users who want to avoid international data plans or swapping out their SIM card to access local service.

“We’ve recognized that in today’s world, travel advisors are looking for new — they want new ways to help their travelers travel in the most effective and smoothest, seamless ways,” said Sheila Rice, Northstar’s senior vice president of information products. “And connectivity has become so important.”

Luis Nascimento, executive director of Itoorer, said the company recommends advisors promote the service for a specific trip and purchase Mobeo on behalf of their clients within Itoorer’s portal. They can add it as a service to their full package or even include it in their package.

Once a client is tied to an advisor in Itoorer’s database, they stay connected, and that advisor will continue to receive commission if they purchase Mobeo’s service for subsequent trips.

“The agent may continue to receive commission in future transactions and with recommendations to others,” Nascimento said. “The specific trip is the tip of the iceberg.”

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