Lesser-known Canary Island is hot all year-round and beaches are never crowded

The Canary islands are well known among Brits as a fantastic holiday destination with many cheap packages on offer in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. But, there’s also another fantastic island within the sunny region where it’s warm all year round, and you won't have to fight for space on the beach.

El Heirro is one of the smaller islands in the Spanish archipelago which sits off the coast of northwestern Africa, reports the Express. It’s the second smallest island within the Canary Islands – and is the farthest south meaning it boasts some of the hottest weather on offer in the region which is perfect for sun worshipping Brits.

The tiny island has a population of just under 11,000 people, but has enough gorgeous volcanic beaches, hotels and swimming pools that many Brits will be in heaven while on holiday there. The temperature on El Hierro today – November 8 – is a satisfying 18C and even in December it boasts averages of between 17C an 22C according to Weather Atlas.

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Holidaymakers wanting to feel the sun on their skin as they sip on cocktails can even travel in January and February when the average high temperature is around 20C. Of course, there are days where the heat is lower but even then it rarely goes below 16C according to reports.

This means that holidaymakers can enjoy the same activities they love on their summer holiday all through the year – even on Christmas or New Year’s Day. The Canary Islands are particularly popular with those who love spending time in the sea – from snorkelling and swimming to scuba diving and watersports like kayaking.

According to the spot's official website, the water is particularly "transparent" meaning you can see many animal and plant species underwater from metres away. Plus, as the islands are volcanic – as shown by their high peaks and many black sand beaches – the landscape underwater is unusual and fascinating.

There’s lots else to do on little El Hierro’s beaches too. A small village known as Timijiraque flaunts an inviting black sand cove where you can see former saltpans and the the imposing Roque de la Bonanza – a super Instagrammable rock formation. There are picnic areas and hotels nearby too.

Those wanting to swim is some of the most beautiful surroundings should head to Charco Azul, which El Hierro’s official website claims is "mystical and quiet" and "straight out of a fairytale." It lets you swim in a natural pool underneath a huge basalt rick arch created by lava – it has bright turquoise water you won’t want yo get out from.

Holidaymakers can also go for a hime and descend down a volcanic cone on a red path to discover Charco Mango – an incredible coastline spot with geysers, natural arches, a small cove with a sun bathing area and powerful waves. It truly is a bewitching spot for nature lovers.

Other spots that boast incredible natural pools and beaches include Tacoron, La Maceta and Polo de las Calcosas. There are plenty of interesting villages too which are charming with locals selling handcrafts and other goods as "nothing is mass-produced" on the island.

Valverde is the island’s official capital – a town that offers gorgeous views of the muti-coloured houses and churches on the island. However, it is inland so if you want to stay by the sea you’ll need to head to a coastal resort but the town offers lots of restaurants and historical sights.

Those who want to learn about the history of the island should head to the village of Guinea – one of the first settlements on the island which has now become an eco museum showing 15 centuries of customs, structures and architecture.

Thankfully, flights to this gorgeous, hot island covered in resorts, beaches and pools aren’t expensive. According to Skyscanner you can bag a return flight from just £120. However, you most likely will need to stop off in Tenerife and catch a second flight with the London to Tenerife leg taking four and a half hours and the second flight to El Hierro taking just 40 minutes.

Well rated hotels on the island include the incredible Hotel Puntagrande which is a unique spot on the end of a pier overlooking the Atlantic. You’ll hear wakes crash on the rocks as you sleep and the hotel has a terrace and sunbathing spot, English-speaking staff and pretty nautical rooms with ocean views – rooms start from £122 a night on booking.com.

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