Google Maps Street View: Man caught in the middle of very painful accident

Google Maps introduce their new ‘Live View’ feature

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Google Maps Street View captures all sorts of people as they go about their lives. While most spectacles are far from interesting, the tech giant does sometimes catch scenes that spark interest. One Street View shot shows a man undergoing a mortifying moment.

It must also have been a very sore experience.

The man has clearly set on on his bike on a hot, sunny day.

Sadly, his trip has hit something of a rough patch.

He has been photographed just as he is hurled off his bike.

To make matter worse, the accident has happened in the middle of a busy road surrounded by traffic.

The man can be seen sprawled across the tarmac.

He has thrown out an arm to protect himself from the impact of the fall.

The unfortunate accident must have been very painful indeed.

However, no one nearby has yet stopped to help him in the image.

His bike has tumbled to the tarmac to the right of him as he was hurled to the ground.

A silver car can be seen just in front of the poor man.

This could suggest the vehicle has played a role in the incident.

However, there’s no way of knowing if this is the case as the scene is simply one snapshot in time.

For instance, a pedestrian walking along the left-hand side pavement of the road has not turned around in the shot, potentially eradicating the possibility of a dramatic collision.

Perhaps the cyclist had an unfortunately timed wobble and simply fell off his two wheels.

He is wearing shorts and a T-shirt so it’s likely the accident was a painful one.

It’s not known to what extent the man was injured.

In short, the Google viewer has no choice but to speculate what the accident was caused by.

This is often the case with Street View shots.

What do you think happened here?

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