Cabin crew says passengers on ‘newer planes’ are ‘breathing in farts and coughs’

There are plenty of details about planes that frighten people – or make them nervous to travel.

Whether it’s turbulence, tales of plane crashes or finding out how dirty the tray tables are many of us choose to ignore the less pleasant side of flying on holiday.

But, a flight attendant has revealed a rather grim fact about “newer planes” that has us shuddering.

And, you might feel disgusted next time you head off on holiday once you’ve heard it.

A Reddit poster asked cabin crew about the flight secrets nobody knew about – and plenty of flight attendants revealed the gross, scary and unusual things they knew about airline travel.

To which the flight attendant replied: “The air is 90% or more recirculated on newer planes.

“So you are breathing in filtered farts, coughs, and whatever else us gross humans expel from our bodies.

“Not like the old days when the planes leaked so much air they struggled to stay pressurised.

“At least the air was fresh.”

While the fact is quite disgusting we’re pretty sure we prefer that to the horrifying idea of “designed leaks”.

According to FlyingMagazine, engine bleed air has been used for decades for different purposes including cabin pressurisation and anti-icing.

However, this may not be the same air as “leaks”.

The flight attendant added on Reddit: “The funniest designed leak in some older planes was a port in the galley.

“I was told it was to vent the smells from cooking food, but if you talk to the OG flight attendants, it vented their cigarette smoke when they smoked in the galley.”

Of course, nowadays smoking cigarettes on aeroplanes is illegal and cabin crew would never break this rule.

We cannot verify the truth behind this historical claim, but if it is a real situation we’re happy to breathe in re-circulated air instead!

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But, the air isn’t the only filthy thing on passenger planes – claim cabin crew.

Flight attendants revealed that you should never wear shorts on a plane and that the tray tables and air vents have seen lots of gross events.

Always bring anti-bacterial wipes if you’re jetting off!

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