Best cities in the world to live in right now – liveability ranked

New Zealand residents celebrate New Year in Auckland

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For some people, relocating abroad can be a great way to improve their quality of life. What are the best cities in the world to live in?

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has shared today their annual Liveability Index.

This highlights the best places to live in the world based on factors that impact quality of life.

For example, it was judged on stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

This year’s study also showed how countries responded to the coronavirus pandemic which seemed to affect results.

Auckland took the top spot following New Zealand’s successful containment of Covid last year, the study stated.

Six out of the top 10 top cities were located in New Zealand or Australia.

Cities in Europe and Canada took a blow, however, and were knocked down the list.

The only European country to have cities in the top 10 was Switzerland, with both Zurich and Geneva taking a place.

Previous top spot holder Vienna was knocked down to 12th place.

Many cities that had previously ranked highly took a knock due to the pandemic.

The biggest move came from Honolulu in Hawaii.

The city jumped 46 places into the number 14 spot which could be down to the roll out of its vaccination programme, according to the study.

10 most liveable cities in the world

1. Auckland, New Zealand, Index 96

2. Osaka, Japan, Index 94.2

3. Adelaide, Australia, Index 94

4. Wellington, New Zealand, Index 93.7

5. Tokyo, Japan, Index 93.7

6. Perth, Australia, Index 93.3

7. Zurich, Switzerland, Index 92.8

8. Geneva, Switzerland, Index 92.5

9. Melbourne, Australia, Index 92.5

10. Brisbane, Australia, Index 92.4

Head of Global Liveability at The Economist Intelligence Unit Upasana Dutt said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on global liveability. Cities across the world are now much less liveable than they were before the pandemic began, and we’ve seen that regions such as Europe have been hit particularly hard.

“The cities that have risen to the top of the rankings this year are largely the ones that have taken stringent measures to contain the pandemic.

“New Zealand’s tough lockdown allowed their society to re-open and enabled citizens of cities like Auckland and Wellington to enjoy a lifestyle that looked similar to pre-pandemic life.

“One area where there has been regrettably little change is at the bottom of our rankings. Damascus remains the world’s least liveable city, as the effects of the civil war in Syria continue to take their toll. Indeed, most of the previous 10 least liveable cities remain in the bottom 10 this year.”

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