We voted to be out – fully! Britons rally behind Boris as he faces Brexit protests

Brexit: Lord Frost hits out at EU over Northern Ireland Protocol

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The Government has been edging ever closer to the triggering of Article 16 in the Brexit agreement. But the Prime Minister is facing backlash from the Unionist community.

Border Communities Against Brexit (BCAD), a group in support of the Northern Ireland Protocol, will protest in five locations on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Chairman Damian McGinnity said: “Boris Johnson’s Government has been pursuing a reckless course in negotiations with the EU around the Protocol, including threats to trigger Article 16.

“Recent British Government statements and actions are posing a very direct threat to the peace process, the all-island economy and raising once again the horrific prospect of a return to a hard border in Ireland.

“We are calling on Boris Johnson to back off, and to protect and implement the Protocol.”

But Express.co.uk readers jumped to the defence of the Prime Minister with the protests on the horizon.

Cekka1 said: “UK food standards and goods safety standards are equivalent or superior to the EUs so all these checks are superfluous.

“Yet on this altar the EU will drive away Treasure island.

“Their most lucrative customer.”

Stopeu expressed their concerns about the initial deal made with the EU.

They wrote: “Bin the deal and tell the EU to get their boats off our fishing grounds, they can also sort out their mess in Ireland.

“No more money, they can forget that too.

“Let’s see how the EU reacts after losing access to “Europe’s largest market” and one of its richest fishing grounds as well as an important financial contributor.

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“This should have been done at the start.

“Instead, due to Remain interference, the UK has been signed up to a EU deal which ensures that the UK remains attached to the EU and subject to EU rules with arbitration by an EU court.

“That is not Leave.”

Mīnōtaurus wrote: “Ooh, the EU really are terrified of Article 16.

“The UK Gov has voiced concerns, tried to negotiate change from an unworkable treaty on the ground in practice, but has received zilch in real terms.

“The question is, how far will the EU push and press for their own ideology and survival?”

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