Scottish independence poll: Is an independent Scotland any closer? Latest polls

Nicola Sturgeon on Scottish Independence in 2015

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Nicola Sturgeon warned the UK Government it would be “unthinkable” for the nation to indefinitely deny Scotland another say on its constitutional future. Speaking to the FT last month, the SNP leader said she had democracy and time on her side in her battle for Scottish independence. But what do the latest polls say about her chances?

In a recent poll published on November 8, 26 percent of respondents said they believe Scotland should be an independent country.

By contrast, 47 percent of those polled, said they do not believe the nation should become independent.

This left 27 percent saying they did not know if it should or not.

Those most likely to say they wanted the country to be independent were aged 25 to 34, while those aged 65 and above were most likely to say the country should not be independent.

The previous survey saw 47 percent of Scottish voters say they would vote no if another independence referendum were called tomorrow.

This was just three percentage points ahead of the pro-independence camp on 44 percent.

The remaining nine percent said they did not know how they would vote.

These results have not changed hugely since the previous voting intention poll in Scotland was carried out from August 4 to 5.

The most recent voting intention poll of the year, published on November 10, showed the Labour Party taking its first lead of the year.

Labour won 38 percent of the vote share, up by two percentage points from the previous poll – with the Conservative Party winning 36 percent of the vote share, which is a one percentage point fall.

The Scottish National Party lost support (by one percentage point) – winning four percent of the vote share, according to the results.

This left 10 percent for the Liberal Democrats, six percent for the Green Party, three percent for Reform UK and one percent for the other category.

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However, this result was contradicted by a Sunday Times/Panelbase poll of 1,781 voters in Scotland, published on Sunday.

The result from the poll – taken from November 9 to 12 – saw backing for the SNP at Westminster at 48 percent, which is up one point since September.

Tory support slipped two percentage points to 21 percent, while Labour climbed by one percent to 20 percent.

Support for the Liberal Democrats is unchanged at seven percent.

The results of these recent polls come after little sign of headway being made on the independence bid from Scotland.

There is evidence expectations of an independent Scotland are slipping.

Support for independence has edged up one point to 49 percent with opposition at 51 percent (falling one percentage point).

However, less than a quarter (23 percent) now believe independence is likely within the next five years — a fall of three percentage points.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon used the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow to praise the efforts of her country in the fight against climate change.

She made a nod to the potential an independent Scotland could hold in the future.

Ms Sturgeon said: “I think there will be a really positive legacy for Glasgow and for Scotland.

“There are people now right around the world who know what a great country Scotland is and how much we have got to offer.”

She added visitors “perhaps did not know that before” COP26 as she laid out her argument for the potential Scotland holds.

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