Sadiq Khan approval rating

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Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has been very vocal throughout the pandemic, he has even stepped to contradict the Government’s Covid policies. Despite the PM’s calls for England to move to Plan A, Mr Khan has refused to lift the mandatory requirement to wear masks on all TfL services. Just how popular is this Labour politician?

Mr Khan has been a senior Labour politician for a number of years.

He initially shot into the public’s eye when he was elected as MP for Tooting in 2005.

His big break came when he was elected as Mayor of London in 2016, a role he has held ever since.

When he was elected he said his priorities as mayor were: “An affordable and secure home to rent or buy, more jobs with higher wages for the lowest-paid, making it easier to set up and run a successful business, reducing the cost of commuting, and making London’s environment safer, healthier and less polluted.”

Mr Khan has introduced a number of popular policies in London since his election, such as the Hopper fare for unlimited bus and tram journeys for an hour.

However, he has also enforced some controversial ones, such as increasing the cost and area covered by the London congestion charge and supporting the expansion of London City Airpot and Gatwick.

Here’s an overview of Mr Khan’s current approval rating accordion to You Gov’s latest polls.

According to You Gov’s comprehensive study based on 1471 nationally representative interviews of the UK’s population undertaken in 2021, Mr Khan is a seriously popular Labour politician.

YouGov’s most recent polls put Mr Khan as the third most popular Labour politician, putting him just behind Ed Balls and Gordon Brown.

He is even more popular than Manchester’s Mayor, Andy Burham, and his party’s own leader, Sir Keir Starmer, as the pair trail behind in fifth and eighth places respectively.

However, overall is he not a popular figure. Just 27 percent of those surveyed said they liked him compared to 36 percent who said they disliked him.

His fame may also have taken a hit last year. While 93 percent of respondents said they recognised him in 2020 this figure fell to just 88 percent in 2021.

Which demographics like Sadiq Khan?

Support for Mr Khan varies according to age, as 21 percent of millennials said they approved of the mayor compared to just 22 percent of baby boomers.

Mr Khan is most popular amongst “remain” voters as 36 percent of those who voted to remain responded that they liked him compared to 14 percent of “leave” voters.

This comes as no surprise as the mayor was a strong supporter of the “remain” campaign.

He even briefly united with the former Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, to push voters to stay in the EU.

This could suggest that the mayor continues to be popular in London, as the Capital voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU.

In the 2016 EU referendum, a whopping 59.9 percent of Londoners voted to remain within the EU.

Polls around Mr Khan may be mixed but he is clearly an influential politician, he was even included on the Time 100 list of most influential people in the world in 2018.

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