Keir Starmer crisis: Damaging poll will worry Labour as Boris Johnson EXTENDS his lead

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The Savanta ComRes survey, published today, suggests Boris Johnson has actually opened up a 13-point lead over Sir Keir when it comes to the person seen as making the ‘best Prime Minister’. The poll suggests Mr Johnson is currently on 43 points, with Sir Keir on 30 points – meaning the Prime Minister has actually added to his lead by four points.

Savanta ComRes Associate Director Chris Hopkins told “Keir has made a good start but the challenge that he has is that the Conservative Party has quite a lot of electoral rope from the electorate.

“Attitudes change well before voting behaviours do, so what we are seeing is Conservative fortunes dropping in terms of attitudes and even how is Boris is doing.

“But nothing is shifting in voting intention.

“It goes to show how much capital the Tories have from the electorate – they can go from disaster to disaster but people are not going to vote for the Labour Party yet.

“Sir Keir has not quite had that breakthrough yet where people know who he is.

“Everybody knows Boris but not everybody knows Keir so the key for him is getting his name out there.

“But when he does get his name out there, when he goes get his face out there, he really does have to have a positive impression.”

The poll also suggests Mr Johnson’s Conservatives have a five-point lead over Labour, despite the fallout from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Tories are on 42 percent (one point down on last month) while Labour are on 37 percent (unchanged).

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The Liberal Democrats, in the process of electing a new leader, are on seven percent, up one point, with other parties, including the SNP, Plaid Cymru and those in Northern Ireland, accounting for the remaining 14 percent.

A Savanta ComRes spokesman explained: “This lack of movement in voting behaviour is offset by falls in favourability and approval.

“The government’s general net favourability of -7 is the lowest since the Savanta ComRes Political Tracker began back in May, while approval of the government’s handling of the pandemic is at an all-time low looking at a rolling 7-day average from our coronavirus daily tracker.”

Mr Johnson’s personal favorability rating remains in negative territory at -1, while Dominic Raab (-2) and Matt Hancock (-5) have also seen drops.

By contrast, Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s personal rating remains the strongest at +25, albeit it five points down compared with July.

With Gavin Williamson in the firing line in recent days over his A Level results U-turn, Savanta ComRes have suggested the issue of education was likely to take centre stage in recent months.

With recent news surrounding changes to exam results in the UK have made headlines, Savanta ComRes’ Political Tracker suggests the public are more negative than confident about the state of the education system over the next 12 months, with 39 percent believing things will get worse during that time.

Sir Keir was elected Labour leader in April, beating Lisa Nandy and Rebecca Long-Bailey to the job.

Assessing his performance last week, Ian Hernon, author of ‘Anti-Semitism and the Left’ and a former Labour Party member who is also a persistent critic of Sir Keir’s predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, told “At the moment he is dull – but maybe that’s a good thing against the clown we have got as Prime Minister, who was fine bungling around on Have I Got News for You, but as Prime Minister during the COVID crisis not so much.

“The Red Wall seats in the north, a lot of them I know very well, loaned the Tories their vote and that was largely because of the Corbyn factor. They would like to vote Labour.”

Savanta ComRes interviewed 2,083 UK adults online between August 14 and 16.

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