Keir Starmer could reopen Brexit in wake of local election disaster

Nigel Farage gives verdict on local elections

Conservative Chairman Greg Hands has suggested Sir Keir Starmer could “reopen Brexit” in the wake of the party’s disastrous local election results. In an email to party members, the Chairman described the results from yesterday’s vote as “disappointing”, saying: “I know people are worried about what Labour councils will mean for their local communities”. Describing the results as a “wake up call”, he urged party members to “come together now” to stop Sir Keir.

He continued: “I don’t want to see the same thing happen at next year’s general election.

“I don’t want to see Keir Starmer reopen Brexit. I don’t want to see Angela Rayner enthusiastically give in to every union demand.

“I don’t want to see David Lammy with the power to keep foreign criminals in the country.

Mr Hands added: “I don’t want the same people who tried to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister deciding what Britain’s future should look like.”

The Labour leader today gloated he is heading for No 10 at the next general election as he celebrated Labour’s local election results.

Sir Keir told ecstatic supporters in Medway: “Make no mistake, we are on course for a Labour majority at the next general election.”

Labour has seized battlegrounds from the Tories including the Kent council for the first time since 1998.

Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak this morning said it was “hard to draw firm conclusions” from the initial results, with a little over a quarter of councils having declared.

But the Prime Minister insisted he was “not detecting any massive groundswell of movement towards the Labour Party or excitement for its agenda” despite the Opposition gains.

Sir Keir Starmer has repeatedly stressed that the Labour Party will not seek to rejoin the EU if they take power.

The Labour leader has said there is “no case” for returning to the EU or the single market.

Mr Sunak has faced criticism in the wake of the results, with some Tories calling for Boris Johnson to return.

A party source cast blame on Mr Sunak for causing the “chaos” after “knifing” Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, when he pushed him to resign last year.

They said: “Sunak can’t blame these results on last year’s chaos. He started that chaos by knifing the most successful Tory election winner in 50 years.

“Sunak’s claim that stability has been restored is shot to bits.”

Former Conservative Party MEP David Campbell Bannerman said the party should “not rule out” bringing back Mr Johnson as leader.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, he said the Tory party is not “getting our message across very well – that people are very concerned about what we’re doing, what we stand for”.

He added: “It isn’t about ‘bring back Boris’, by the way. It is about party democracy. But it’s true that a lot of our members still like and rate Boris, as do many of the public, and given the scale of the challenge ahead we shouldn’t rule that out as an option longer term.”

Mr Campbell-Bannerman claimed that party members are still not happy about “the way that we got rid of Boris”.

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