France a hostile state! Anti-British Macron faces fury as Brexit fishing row erupts

Brexit: French fisherman reveals plans for 'retaliation'

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The French president was brought under fire and accused of “turning France into a hostile state” by journalist Allister Heath. Macron himself has been described as the “real stumbling block to renewed post-EU friendship” by the journalist.

Britain and the Channel Island of Jersey refused dozens of French fishing boats a licence to operate in their territorial waters.

Jersey refused 75 licences to French fishing vessels to access its waters after October 31.

Britain’s decision to also reject the boat licences puts further strain on the UK’s relationship with its closest neighbour.

The current circumstances have been described as “tragic” by Mr Heath, the editor of The Sunday Telegraph, who says “the situation is far worse than almost anybody realises”.

He refers to his own heritage as a French-born British citizen and claims that the relations between France and Britain were at a new low, pointing to decisions Macron made to put a blockade on lorries entering Britain last December.

And the problem has only become worse due arguments over the Northern Irish Protocol.

Talking about France’s role in discussions relating to the protocol, Mr Heath claims that one minister believes the country was motivated by “anti-British and anti-Brexit sentiment”.

Writing for the Telegraph in a piece titled Anti-British, anti-Brexit Macron has turned France into a hostile state, he says: “Ministers believe that Lord Frost will not be merely negotiating with Maroš Šefčovič, the EU representative, but also with the French, viewed as the main supporters of a hard line.

“One minister goes as far as to claim that France was motivated solely by anti-British and anti-Brexit sentiment, and doesn’t care about the ‘integrity of the single market’ or the fate of the people of Ireland.”

He claims that current feelings of anger and resentment being experienced by the British side are even worse than ever, including in 1963 and 1967 which saw General de Gaulle declare his opposition to the United Kingdom’s application to join the European Community.

It comes after news that French fishing fleets warned they would retaliate over the Brexit fishing row, if the UK Government continues to refuse to issue more fishing licences by tomorrow.

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Fisherman Laurent Melin warned that the French are prepared to hit the UK with further shortages of primary goods as a response to so few licenses being approved by the UK government.

Mr Melin told the Today programme he and his colleagues are ready to launch a severe attack on the UK until London caves to their demands.

He said: “I live in a state of anxious anger. Checking my phone for news about my licence.

“We’ll create as much disruption as we can by blocking primary goods.

“The things the UK needs the most. We saw the gas shortage, we’ll try to create a shortage of something else.

“We’re ready to block everything – Calais, Dunkirk, the Eurotunnel.”

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