EU crisis: Shock member state set to leave bloc after Brexit after issue ignored by bloc

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The Bruges Group director Robert Oulds argued that euroscepticism was growing among member states. During an interview with, Mr Oulds insisted that Brexit had better exposed some of the issues with the European Union. He claimed that Italy is likely to be one nation that will push to leave the European Union after the UK. 

He added the European Union must make moves to address the many concerns of Italy going forward to avoid them opting to leave the bloc. 

Mr Oulds explained the many reasons why Italy would want to cut ties with the European Union.

He said: “A country to watch for is Italy.

“Italy was just abandoned by the EU when the coronavirus crisis hit.

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“They have been suffering as a result of the EU’s single currency which really does undermine Italian competitiveness.

“It opens up the markets easily to German exports but denies Italy the same opportunities to compete.

“Italy is a creative country and it has a great deal of economic potential.

“But it is stuck under the dead hand of the European Union with excessive EU regulation, the single currency and the massive debts foisted upon Italy by the economic model.

“This has simply undermined their economic growth overall.”

In addition to Italy’s annoyance with the European Union, Mr Oulds noted that Italy may push to leave due to its own economic struggles.

He said: “Italy is in serious financial and economic difficulties.

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“Ultimately they are going to have to come out of the Euro at which point we are going to see very interesting events.”

Mr Oulds also considered the possibilities if Italy does not formally opt to leave the EU.

He said: “Possibly Italy won’t come out of the EU but it will just fizzle away and die.

“This would happen as a result of countries gradually ignoring what the European Union demands.”

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