Brexit LIVE: ‘Part of problem’ Frost told he did ‘not deliver’ after new plea to rejoin EU

Lord Frost says Brexit protocol must go

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The Government’s former chief Brexit negotiator had criticised Tory MP Tobias Ellwood after the chair of Parliament’s Defence Select Committee called for the UK to re-join the bloc’s single market to ease the cost of living crisis. Lord Frost said on Twitter that Brexit “really is not safe” in the hands of Mr Ellwood and his “allies”.

But Lord Frost came under fire from fishing campaigner June Mummery who asked him: “Was Brexit safe in your hands? The fishing industry and coastal communities haven’t got Brexit.”

Ms Mummery added that 1,700 EU vessels still fish in UK seas, with eight supertrawlers “scooping up everything”.

Brexiteer Ben Habib tweeted in reply: “Quite right June. Frost did not deliver Brexit. He is part of the problem.”


Senior Tory under fire for arguing UK should rejoin single market

Tobias Ellwood, MP for Bournemouth East, argued there is an “appetite” to make “course corrections” to the current model, claiming recent polling suggests “this is not the Brexit most people imagined”.

The chairman of the Commons Defence Committee said “more radical thinking is required if we are to energise our economy through these stormy waters”.

“If an Army general, mid-battle, is mature enough to finesse his strategy to secure mission success, then Government should do the same,” he added.

He said Brexit in its current form had sparked a number of challenges, including shrinking exports to Europe and issues with the Northern Ireland Protocol, and that these and other problems would “disappear” if the UK chose to rejoin the single market.

But he was met with forceful rebuttals from Tory colleagues, including Commons Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Tom Tugendhat, who said: “Let’s plan for the future and stop looking back. This decision is made.”

Former chief whip Mark Harper said: “The UK voted to leave the EU. That meant leaving the single market and putting an end to freedom of movement. The end.”

Treasury minister Simon Clarke said he was “pleased to reassure Mr Ellwood” that the UK would not be rejoining the single market, as this would “extinguish half the freedoms that make Brexit so important”.

Former Brexit minister Lord Frost appeared to suggest that Mr Ellwood – who has publicly said Prime Minister Boris Johnson no longer has his support – would not be suited to the top job, saying: “Brexit really is not safe in his hands or his allies’.”

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