Boris Johnson to become Farage figure after trashing Tories

Boris Johnson could become a “Farage figure” after departing party politics, a former politician has said. The ex-PM made clear that he “isn’t really going” David Mellor, former Chief Secretary to The Treasury, said, leaving open the possibility that he would carry on his political career from the sidelines. Mr Mellor warned that his unexpected departure would prompt the end of the Conservative party’s time in power and that the now unleashed former leader could prove a “nuisance”.

Speaking to GB News, the broadcaster said Mr Johnson’s decision to step down would give the Prime Minister a “headache”.

He explained: “The character and personality of Boris take self-possession to a status of high art.

“Boris doesn’t have any interest in Sunak, he doesn’t have much interest in the Conservative Party unless he’s leading it.

“The reality is that he going the way he’s gone, and him making clear that he isn’t really going, he’s going to be a Nigel Farage sort of figure.”

He hastened to add: “There’s nothing wrong with that.

“You don’t have to be a member of Parliament in order to have a political career.

“Being a member of Parliament was a bore for him, but it’s not going to be a bore for him making a thoroughgoing nuisance of himself.”

Mr Johnson has not disclosed how he plans to spend his time outside Parliament, with his resignation letter only hinting at a return to the political fray.

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The former PM wrote a 1,000 letter stating he would step down from his seat with immediate effect and that he was “very sad” to leave Parliament.

He caveated the statement by saying he would be gone “at least for now”, suggesting he may wish to stand for office again.

Political pundits believe he will likely fail to curry the same favour with the public he had in 2019.

A YouGov poll posted after his resignation found that 62 percent of people felt his resignation was the right thing to do.

But some experts believe he will keep a level of political influence outside of office.

One senior figure within the Conservative party agreed with Mr Mellor, stating that he can still “do damage”.

They told the BBC: “We have been living with the half-life of Johnson for nearly a year now.

“He can do damage, of course, but there is no constructive future for him and it is goodbye – to power if not yet to influence.”

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