Hamilton Burlington SPCA offers compassionate boarding for those hospitalized with coronavirus

The Hamilton Burlington SPCA wants to ensure pets are looked after, in the event their owners are hospitalized for treatment related to the novel coronavirus.

The local SPCA, in partnership with Zachary’s PAWS for Healing (ZPFH), is offering a compassionate boarding program.

Marion Emo, chief executive officer (CEO) at the Hamilton Burlington SPCA, says it’s an acknowlegement that “there may be persons hospitalized for treatment who do not have alternatives for pet care.”

Ideally, she says, families are encouraged to make plans for pet care in the event of absence from home with friends, families or neighbours, while acknowledging that is not always possible.

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Emo hopes their offer “relieves anxiety about care, and gives hope to pet parents.”

The compassionate boarding program provides up to 14 days of boarding at the HBSPCA and with ZPFH depending on the space available and animals’ circumstances.

A variety of pets are eligible including cats, dogs, small critters and small birds.

Referrals to the compassionate boarding program can be made by health-care staff and more details can be found at https://hbspca.com/services/covid-19-emergency-preparedness/

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