Curve Lake First Nation council reports ‘small number’ of coronavirus cases in community

Curve Lake First Nation council is cautioning residents after a “small number” of residents tested positive for the coronavirus over the weekend.

On behalf of council, Chief Emily Whetung said it is not disclosing the exact number of cases as “individuals have the right not to disclose who they are.”

Whetung noted the confirmed cases are an under-estimation since it only reflects people who have been tested.

“There are probably others who have COVID and who may not know,” she said

Whetung says it is “not surprising” to have cases in the First Nation since Peterborough Public Health has increased testing.

“This number is expected to rise as more testing happens,” she stated.

Last month Curve Lake launched a checkpoint entering the community to screen traffic. On April 23, chief and council passed a motion for a vehicle identification system to “further safeguard the well-being of the community” to better identify registered residents and employees, business and essential service providers.

“It appears that Ontario has changed the curve and our health-care facilities are not experiencing the overload that was expected,” stated Whetung. “This does not mean we are in the clear – it is still incredibly important to remember the safest place to be is at home. Avoid going out. If you have to go out for essentials, make sure you maintain physical distancing.”


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