#women supporting women: What’s behind the Challenge for female Empowerment?

With #challengeaccepted many women dub in these days a Black-and-White photo of yourself and use the Post to other important women to Express in your life the recognition and appreciation.

To do this you nominate other inspiring women, to do the same, and conclude your post with the Hashtag #women supporting women.

Almost eight million Posts under this Hashtag is already at Instagram find and also Stars such as Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon and Cindy Crawford have long been a part of the movement.

What is it with the Trend on?

Who has launched the Challenge to life?

What has been the trigger for the latest Social Media action, opinions.

According to 'New York Times' announced Instagram that prior to one and a half weeks, the Brazilian journalist Ana Paula Padrão published the first post, and so the Challenge might have been the impetus.

It is speculated, however, that it is primarily the courageous speech of members of US Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the last week had been, which had brought the Challenge only really started rolling.

The young politician, fought back in the Capitol with strong words against the sexist insults of a male colleague and made it clear that these were not an isolated incident for you and your political colleagues.

Within a few days the Video was clicked on your speech already over 15 million times and led to a rapid increase in Social Media Posts about feminism and the Empowerment of women.

It is quite possible that this incident has fires the Social Media campaign with the Hashtags #women supporting women and #challenge accepted additional.

The original meaning of the monochrome images, however, goes back much further and leads in Turkey.

In memory of Femicide victims

In order to make on Femicide and domestic violence to the attention allocated to women in Turkey, Black-and-White images of abused and slaughtered women, the perpetrators were hardly or not at all been punished.

The pictures served as a system of criticism and Solidarity.

In 2011, the so-called &quot was as a reaction to that;Istanbul Konvention" decided, a Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, which until today, 33 States have joined.

Women Empowerment – why now?

You could say that there’s basically no bad time for the Empowerment of women.

The Australian Fitness and yoga instructor Ashley Freeman takes advantage of your Post in order to, among other things, to the fact that there is currently, for example, still over four million sex slaves: "These are not just Numbers, these are our sisters. (…) The true Celebration can only begin when we are all free."

In addition, there is also an acute new occasion, about the "Instagram-Challenge" to remind again to their origins, which led to the Istanbul Convention.

Because currently Turkey is considered to have of the Istanbul Convention again. And not only that.

A member of the EU, Poland has announced a few days ago, to the once adopted as a rule, the catalogue, the violence against women as a crime, classifying, solve.

The Convention contains provisions "ideological Natur", the he could not accept and for harmful think, was Poland’s justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro, according to the 'Zeit' announce.

That is quite a (viral) Scream value.

And Black-and-White images that remind you that each and every woman could be the next victim, when the offender do not suffer any or hardly any more punishments for violent crimes will get them, then all of a sudden a whole new solidarity character.

#women supporting women more and more emphasis give

There are not a few voices who think that the Hashtags #challengeaccepted and #women supporting women, as they are currently used, have been removed from the actual meaning is far.

Because regardless of the fact that every woman should have the right of so to scan like you want to learn without hostility, the Challenge is not much on the friendly Encourage of woman-to-woman, and the Celebration of femininity also.

If it is the original idea of the Turkish women, however, before their eyes, threatens the Challenge is actually in the superficiality of drift: a Reminder for abused women, the preppy photos laughing women have to do, unfortunately, is little.

The dynamics of the Challenge is spreading could, in addition to nice-looking images of strong women ideal for a bit of company critical accessory use: by remembering in his Post, for example, the last known femicide victims in Turkey, the 27-year-old Pınar Gültekin,.

Also awake shaking Hashtags like #Istanbul Convention or #endfemicide not be able to provide valuable work and ensure that the quantity of Posts, the work of Turkish Activists for women’s rights and human rights is under – and #women supporting women is gaining new depth.


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