Watch Eddie Hall Transform This Ordinary Guy Into the ‘World’s Strongest Dad’

In his Beasted webseries, former World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall helps ordinary men pursue their fitness goals. In an episode recently posted to the Sports Bible channel, he coaches dad-of-two Andy through his first workout, commencing a program which he’ll be working on at home for the next six weeks.

During the session, Eddie and his team take note of Andy’s PR on weight training staples like the deadlift and bench press, his rep max on the goblet squat and shoulder press, and endurance on the frame carry and SkiErg. After that, it’s up to him to commit to what he’s learned and carry on with his training.

Andy loses nearly 9 pounds in the first half of the challenge, but struggles to keep himself motivated in his workouts, and cheats a little when it comes to his nutrition. And as his wife Kate reveals, he’s had his fair share of “hangry” moments. Ultimately, his two children are what help him stick to the program.

“I want to make my kids proud,” he says. “I don’t want them to see me at the end of this six weeks and say ‘well daddy had this chance, but he couldn’t really be bothered.'”

At the start of the transformation, Andy weighs 163 pounds, with 31 percent body fat. Six weeks later, he shows a total weight loss of just over 14 pounds, and a 6 percent reduction in body fat. He’s also built up his strength considerably over the six week period: while he previously only lasted 10 meters in the frame carry, Andy is now able to keep it going for 89 meters; an improvement just shy of 900 percent.

“I’m going to keep pushing to try and get stronger and stronger,” he says.

Eddie admits to having had some concerns that Andy wouldn’t keep up with his training throughout the entire process, and is happy to be proven wrong. “I’m eating my words right now,” he says. “He’s gone away, he’s put the work in, and I genuinely believe that his family has been his inspiration.”

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