This 7-Minute Beach Workout Pushes You to Work Twice as Much as You Rest

Summer is here, and no one wants to be stuck inside all day. Instead of spending all your time cooped up indoors (including your workout in the gym), head outside and give open air training a try to push your summer body to its limits. Don’t cut your beach trip short so you can work up a sweat—make the beach your new fitness space.

This sand session from Men’s Health Next Top Trainer winer Jah Washington is the ideal quick-hitting workout for your busiest vacation days. Washington draws upon the same principles from his 7-Minute Blitz program for this new outdoor regimen. A 2013 paper found that training for just seven minutes using High Intensity Circuit Training (HICT) can help to build strength and endurance while burning fat and improving important health markers like your VO2 Max.

For this session, you need a pair of props to use as landmarks, like your shoes, water bottles, or anything else to establish some space. You’ll push yourself at a 2:1 work-to-rest ratio, so you’ll be moving for twice the time you’ll rest. From burpees to plank variations to quick feet, you’ll be challenged to move with intention.

The key to maximizing these effective workouts is effort, so make sure to push through every rep (with good form, of course). Not satisfied after the first run through the workout? You can repeat the series up to three times for an extended metabolic burner.

The 7-Minute 2:1 Beach Blaster

The Warmup

3 reps per side for 30 seconds

Alternating reps for 30 seconds

30 seconds

The Workout

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds before progressing to the next exercise. Repeat for 3 total rounds. Cap off the session with the 1-minute finisher.


Keep moving for 1 minute with no break.

Love working out with Jah? You can train with him with the 20-Minute Metcom program, available now on the All Out Studio streaming fitness platform.

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