January kickstarter: 6 nutritious meal-prep services to make eating well easy

This January, we’re on the search for quick, accessible hacks to kickstart 2023 in the strongest way possible. Today’s nutritional kickstarter: meal-prep delivery services that’ll help you start January with a nutritious spring in your step. 

January resolutions often revolve around fitness and nutrition; hit 10,000 steps a day, work out three times a week, eat more fibre, stay hydrated. 

But it’s a bit of an oversight to expect that we can change everything about the way we eat or move in one month, particularly a month that’s plagued by cold weather and post-festivity low mood.

That’s where outsourcing is the solution, and when it comes to nutrition, meal-prep services are here to help. 

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These days, there’s something for every need, whether you want ingredients plonked on your front door step so you always have nutritious recipes to whip up or the finished pre-cooked meal delivered so you don’t even have to think about turning on the hob. 

All dietary requirements are catered for, too. Vegan? Check. Gym-goer? Check. Flexitarian? Check.

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We can’t talk about meal prep without talking about the cost. It’s a very real barrier to accessing healthy food, especially pre-prepared meals. Many of the below brands have a first-box discount offer so you can use them as a one-off way to kickstart your 2023 nutrition goals for an affordable price, rather than subscribing for life. 

  • Allplants

    Best meal prep services: Allplants

    Allplants provides nutritious meals that can live in your freezer. By now, you know that frozen food is by no means less nutritious, which is why you can buy Allplants bundles that serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

    Alternatively, you can buy individual meals to pull out on busy days when you need something that’s both comforting and good for you without any effort, like a vegan mac and greens or a tofu saag paneer. 

    Shop Allplants meals, from £25


  • Fresh Fitness Food

    Best meal prep services: Fresh Fitness Food

    For hyper-personalised meals, try Fresh Fitness Food. Pick one of the four plans based on your health goals, including general wellbeing and building muscle. Tailor your meals even further depending on your dietary preference, like plant-based or pescatarian, and lifestyle factors such as physical activity levels. 

    Your day of fully prepped meals could look something like Turkish scrambled eggs for breakfast, a lunch of miso and sesame roasted fish, and sweet potato and coconut curry for dinner – with a pineapple cheesecake for dessert. 

    Shop Fresh Fitness Food meals, from £23


  • Mindful Chef

    Best meal prep services: Mindful Chef

    Mindful Chef helps you enjoy cooking nutritious meals without the stress. With recipes catering for one, two or four people, Mindful Chef is a great way to ensure the whole family get fed veg-packed, delicious meals like turmeric chicken with tricolour quinoa salad or teriyaki tofu, kimchi baked rice and sesame slaw. 

    If you want all the deliciousness of Mindful Chef but no time to cook, opt for its Ready To Go range of pre-cooked meals. 

    Shop Mindful Chef meals, from £4.25


  • Apres Food

    Best meal prep services: Apres Food

    If you thought pre-made food was just about convenience over flavour, Apres Food will prove you wrong. These meals are restaurant-quality food designed by chef and nutritionist Catherine Sharman, who went on a mission to make food she loved but that her body craved. Think organic slow-cooked Sri Lankan lamb curry and cauliflower pilau rice. 

    Shop Apres Food meals, from £35 


  • Natural Fitness Food

    These thoughtful and nutritious meals are all designed to get you through and recover from tough workouts and busy lives. While the meals are all about fuelling, the food is so much more than just energy, with meals including raspberry coconut overnight oats and leek and spinach frittata with sweet potato. 

    Not sure on your ideal meal plan? You can opt for a nutritional consultation to find out about your needs and have meals personalised just for you. 

    Shop Natural Fitness Food meals, from £22.50 


  • Simmer Eats

    Best meal prep services: Simmer Eats

    Chef-made dishes delivered straight to the door of busy people who want to look after their health. Choose from 16 meals a week to heat and eat, from peri-peri tofu with Mediterranean rice to Cuban black beans with Mexican rice and sweetcorn salsa. 

    With plenty of vegan, dairy free and gluten free options, it’s a simple option for eating well. 

    Shop Simmer Eats, from £3.90


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