Love Letter: Minding the Age Gap

When Heather von Rohr first moved to Los Angeles, she had two things on her agenda. First, to become a working screenwriter; and second, to fall in love. What she didn’t plan on? Falling for someone 13 years her junior. While their undeniable chemistry and a shared interest in film proved to be a solid foundation for a fling, she never expected their blissful romance to evolve into something more.

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Chaya Milchtein and JodyAnn Morgan, who started dating in 2016 after connecting in a Facebook group for queer people in New York City, had grown accustomed to welcoming strangers into their home for holiday gatherings, birthdays and other events.

When Ms. Milchtein first envisioned their wedding, she wanted it to be an extension of the community of strangers they had cultivated over the years, which for her meant “a big, queer wedding in New York.” However, when the pandemic erupted and foiled their plans, they decided on a ceremony for two at an Airbnb in Indianapolis. Although the couple stood alone on their wedding day, they were joined by thousands of strangers from all over the world who attended via livestream.

Like many other relationships, friendships have grown increasingly fragile during the pandemic. Some have cited disagreements over safety precautions and differing views on social issues as catalysts for stalled communication, while the lack of physical interaction has caused other relationships to simply fade away. If you’re not sure where your friendships stand at the moment, here are few ways to get back on track.

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