Dundas Resort 2022

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Peter Dundas has temporarily quit London to bask in the Beverly Hills sunshine, which is where he shot the look book for this slinky collection that mixed athletic with tailored silhouettes — and lots of animal spots.

“I did them all before I even knew about the film,” said Dundas, referring to Disney’s “Cruella.” Those unmistakable Dalmatian spots appear in lots of different color combinations across silky men’s shirts, off-the-shoulder knits and long, swooshing cutout gowns.

Dundas, like so many of his contemporaries, is living with the aesthetic legacy of lockdown: How to design for the clients who are desperate to go out and socialize, and the ones who are addicted to the comfort of their homes — and their pandemic wardrobes?

Dundas Resort 2022

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The challenge lies in dressing the crowd that wants to see “Cruella” at the theater, and the one that’s happy to pay $30 to stream it at home on Disney+.

Dundas managed it: There was something for everyone here, from the 1940s-era, Cary Grant suits with swagger to the athletic skinny knit dresses with cutouts or transparent panels and the animal-print gowns and minidresses with mirror embellishments for poolside frolicking.

Dundas described the outing as “happy, clean and practical,” clothing for an in-between time of “casual nights versus gala events,” and “dressing up, but not overdressing.”

With the aim of making these clothes as unfussy and wearable as possible, Dundas worked with materials such as stretch linen for a boiler suit, techno taffeta for the lining of a bomber jacket and stretch leather for minidresses.

Lots of easy pieces here that looked all the better doused in California sunshine.

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