Worth buying a used Kia Seltos today? Things to know before purchase

Kia hit a debut homerun with the Seltos and they’ve never looked back since. The strategy with the Seltos was that it offered something for everyone.

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It was the 2019 Team-BHP Car of the Year and that should give you an idea of how popular and loved the Kia Seltos has been in the Indian market. Kia hit a debut homerun with the Seltos and they’ve never looked back since. The strategy with the Seltos was that it offered something for everyone. If you were a sedate driver who wanted a smooth automatic for the city, they had the 1.5L NA petrol CVT. If you were more of a highway driver munching miles, the Seltos had a 1.5 diesel engine. And if you were bitten by the enthusiast bug, they had a 138 BHP 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol motor with a dual-clutch automatic gearbox and a 6-speed manual too. Even when it came to features, it was a kerfuffle, but they had almost everything. I remember going through the brochure for almost 45 minutes to try and fully understand the variant-wise feature distribution. So, just like it was at the time of launch, it is now in the used car market – something for everyone.

Used Kia Seltos Pros

  • Still fresh in the market. Won’t give you the typically used car feel
  • A superbly engineered all-rounder that delivers a premium experience
  • Handsome, contemporary styling. Looks very sharp
  • Nice, user-friendly interiors with sufficient space & good quality
  • The 1.4L turbo-petrol is fast & fun, while the 1.5L diesel is economical & practical
  • Both the automatics – Diesel AT & Petrol DCT – are simply fantastic!
  • Mature on-road behaviour, including at highway speeds
  • Unusually wide variant offering. Seems there is something for everyone
  • Safety kit includes 6 airbags, ESP, all-wheel disc brakes, blind spot monitor, TPMS, etc.
  • Impressive kit on the top-end variant like a 360-degree camera, HUD, front parking sensors, Bose sound system, cooled seats, cabin air purifier & loads more
  • A lot of used Seltos are still within the factory 3-year / unlimited km warranty, and you can top that up with an extended warranty for another 2 years, making it a relatively risk-free purchase

Used Kia Seltos Cons

  • Asking price for most cars is high due to its popularity, and relevance & today being a seller’s market
  • Barely managed 3-stars in the GNCAP crash tests (full discussion)
  • Firm suspension. Liveable, but bad roads will bother you (especially on 17″ wheel variants)
  • Some misses (illuminated window buttons, thinner spare tyre on top trims…)
  • Back seat’s width makes it better for 2 adults and a kid, rather than 3 adults
  • Owners have reported niggles in their cars
  • Dual-clutch ATs (like the Petrol DCT) have a history of poor reliability in India
  • Diesel’s 113 BHP & 250 Nm – although adequate – are the lowest in the segment
  • Extremely confusing & complicated variant spread
  • You get bigger Used SUVs & Crossovers for the same money (e.g. Hector, Harrier, XUV500)

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Things to watch out for in a used Kia Seltos

Mod Potential

There’s good potential for a remap and plenty of people have done it already. Here’s an example of the 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine remap which is claimed to produce 170 BHP and 250 Nm (related article). Engine maps are readily available for the 1.5 diesel as well.



Great for a car that’s just 3 years old. Kia has sold over 3 lakh units in these 3 years and plenty of them have found their way to the used car market. Check out some examples on sale here.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

I would & voted Yes. Because it is quite the all-rounder, has great powertrains and is still contemporary enough. Would prefer the Diesel AT above the Petrol DCT due to its robustness & efficiency. Mainly as a city commuter though, would avoid extended highway usage due to its GNCAP ratings.

Here’s what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

Definite no.

Between the poor safety ratings, the stiff ride quality, mediocre urban fuel economy and the generally inflated prices this car commands in the used car market, I see better options to be had for the money. I also have serious concerns over the long-term reliability of the turbo petrol engine and the DCT gearbox.

Overall, pre-owned buyers can expect a more wholesome ownership experience with the Gen 5 Honda City instead.

Here’s what BHPian Kosfactor had to say on the matter:


A complaint about Creta was that it wasn’t European enough! Seltos solved the problem.

I get to drive a base variant diesel MT often, I really like driving it. The amount of attention to detail in terms of drive train and refinement is amazing for the price.

If I were in this segment to purchase a vehicle, it would be my choice.

Here’s what BHPian CliffHanger had to say on the matter:

No. Though everything appeared well sorted and the interiors well appointed. I just couldn’t connect with the car and didn’t find it engaging to drive – an unsorted driving experience. Wouldn’t recommend it even for a new buy, unless someone is looking for just a reliable big hatchback.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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