Premium, high-performance vehicle owners switching to RON95 petrol due to current high price of RON97 –

With the price of RON 97 petrol at an all-time high in Malaysia, owners of premium and high-performance vehicles are forced to make the switch to RON 95 instead, Harian Metro reports.

As of the most recent fuel price update last Wednesday, RON 97 currently retails at RM4.83 per litre, up 11 sen from RM4.72 the week prior. Meanwhile, RON 95 remains pinned at its ceiling price of RM2.05 per litre.

According to the publication, a survey of several petrol stations in the Klang Valley revealed several owners of premium vehicles like the Toyota Alphard, Vellfire as well as Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes-Benz models fuelling up on RON 95.

Speaking to Harian Metro, 36-year-old businessman Kelvin Ng said while he has been an avid user of RON 97 for the past three years, he has had to make the switch switch to the more affordable RON 95 due to the high price of RON 97.

“Although I am reluctant and it’s disheartening to use RON 95 for my car’s engine because the quality is different from RON 97, I have no choice because I can no longer to afford it at the moment. Imagine a tank with a capacity of about 60 to 70 liters, filling up with RON 97 petrol to full capacity can cost almost RM280 just for a week’s use and it is not worth it,” he said.

Ng’s sentiments are also shared by 41-year-old contractor Mohd Amir Asyraf, who returned to using RON 95 for his BMW a month ago. “When I switch to RON95, I can save RM600 to RM700 a month. That amount is enough to purchase basic kitchen necessities for my family for a month. But I will reconsider using RON97 if the price is more affordable later,” said Amir.

Naturally, demand for RON97 has drop drastically, by as much as 65% as we previously reported. A petrol station operator in Subang Jaya said sales of RON 97 have dropped at his location by 50% following the consistent price increase of RON 97. “Since the price of RON 97 increased to RM4.08 and most recently, RM4.83, sales of RON 97 have decreased. Many customers choose to pump RON 95 because the government has set the ceiling price at RM2.05 per litre,” the operator said.

Are you one of those that switched to RON 95 from RON 97? How much are you saving as a result of making the switch?

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