Performance EVs with gear shifts – is this what the ioniq 5 N's 'N e-Shift' and 'N sound +' will sound like? –

Sometime last month we reported that the upcoming high performance Hyundai ioniq 5 N will come with features that will allow it to emulate the feel of a traditional ICE-powered car with a dual clutch gearbox.

The car’s “N e-Shift” will aim to create sensations that match the feeling of a dual clutch gearbox shifting in an ICE-powered N model, while “N Sound +” will simulate gearbox and engine noises.

In this video from Hyundai embedded above, you can skip to around the 5 minute 10 second mark for an explanation on what “N e-Shift” and “N Sound +” is and the most interesting bit is the background noise that sounds like it might be what it will sound like.

The video shows a Hyundai RN22e (essentially what could be a future ioniq 6 N?) strapped on a rolling road dyno machine while it goes through simulated gearshifts. You can see the car jerk during the shifting, just like how a real shifting ICE car would.

The thing about all of this is purposefully interrupting the power transmission to simulate shifting would most likely make the car slower than another ioniq 5 N with these features disabled. But it sure as heck sounds a lot more fun, don’t you think?

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