New car tax changes may ‘influence how, when and where’ people travel

Martin Lewis gives money-saving advice on VED car tax

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A new road pricing pay per mile policy could also help to “manage congestion” and “speed the introduction” of electric cars. Any updates could also “promote active travel choices”, encouraging road users to ditch their cars for greener methods.

Speaking to Fleet News, Andy Eastlake, CEO of the Zemo Partnership warned any new scheme needed to be better communicated to road users.

He said: “Road pricing has a back-story, of course, and as a label carries a great deal of baggage.

“So we’ll need to communicate much more effectively than in the past why it’s needed now.

“How proven (GPS and associated) technology is now commonplace, and how its introduction can be fair, reduce traffic congestion and accelerate a necessary transition to the cleanest, most efficient (and, perhaps, smaller) vehicles (some of which will still be cars, of course).

“Importantly, the public is much more aware that we’re facing a ‘triple whammy’ of emergencies in climate, air quality and congestion.”

He added: “More and more people are arguing that the time for road pricing has arrived.

“They say it has the potential to influence how, when and where we travel.

“It could help to promote active travel choices, speed the introduction of EVs and other zero/low emission vehicles and provide policymakers with an effective lever to manage congestion.”

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Mr Eastlake added any new road pricing schemes must be “fair” and should “not discriminate”.

He warned this means the system would have to still work for those with “fewer resources” if any scheme is to be “accepted” by road users.

“It will have to be fair and not discriminate against those with fewer resources and limited travel choices.

“And it must be clearly understood if it’s to be accepted and effective.

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