Most UK drivers support extra driving test for over 70s due to road safety concerns

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It found that 60 percent of all drivers supported the move to have elderly drivers subject to another test, to ensure safety on the roads. Support for this increased to 75 percent with those in the 18 to 34 age group.

Current laws require the over 70s to renew their driving licenses every three years.

In addition, around 42 percent of over 55s support the move.

This falls short of ordering any mandatory medical health checks, such as eye tests or competency levels while driving.

All drivers need to do to renew their license is state that they are physically able to drive, and that their eyesight is sufficient.

The data, from, also found that respondents from England, Wales and Scotland all showed similar levels of support.

Northern Ireland saw only nine percent of respondents strongly supporting a retest, although in total, 42 percent of Northern Irish drivers did think retests should be mandatory.

Based on DVLA data from 2017, the number of drivers over the age of 70 had reached 4.5 million for the first time.

A staggering 100,000 drivers are over the age of 90 at the time.

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This figure is only set to increase with the UK’s ageing population and longer life expectancies.

Nick Zapolski, Founder of, commented on the statistics, saying road safety was vital.

He said: “Most drivers are of course perfectly capable of driving at 70 and well beyond.

“However, our research shows that even in a slightly older age bracket, many people are very supportive of retests at 70.

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