High voltage alert on my Tata Nexon EV: Car refuses to start

The circular gear selector screen froze, and the car wouldn’t budge.

BHPian Zappex recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Long time no see; before I provide a much-needed update on my whereabouts. I wanted to share a quick update about a breakdown we faced with the Nexon EV Max.

  • I was leaving the office to head home, and when I switched on the vehicle, the screen flashed the red triangle icon: “High voltage critical alert”
  • The circular gear selector screen froze, and the car wouldn’t budge. Now, this is peculiar for a brand-new car.
  • I called Tata’s authorised workshop, and they told me they would require vehicle towing. I insisted on a flatbed and called Tata Motors helpline to facilitate the same.
  • The problem, however, is that when you switch off the car, it goes into “P” mode.
  • It needs to be in “N” mode for towing the car on a flatbed.
  • Reminder: The circular gear selector screen is frozen!
  • Long story short, they suggested getting the vehicle towed on two wheels. I refused outright, and we devised a solution to disconnect the auxiliary battery and immediately switch the gear selector to “N” before the car could complete its scan and adequately boot up.
  • This worked, and as soon as the car was in “N”, we disconnected the battery, so it remained that way.
  • Now the wait begins; they have not been able to figure out what’s wrong with the vehicle. I haven’t received useful information about the error, and I will report back once resolved.
  • I can’t imagine customers getting stranded on a highway with such a thing happening; the price we pay for being early adopters.

Note: Niggles aside, the experience of driving and having this EV has been exemplary. It’s my definition of a near-perfect daily drive.

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