Buy This Burnt Bugatti Chiron for a (Likely) Big Discount

Every once in a while, an ultra-exotic car shows up on Copart’s auction database—of course, being on Copart, you know the vehicle is damaged in some way. It’s a clearinghouse for “repairable cars,” which is another way of describing potential salvage cases, cars that were written off by the insurance company and sent off to be resold or parted out. The latest eye-popper to hit Copart? This 2019 Bugatti Chiron.

Now, Bugatti isn’t making many Chirons—just 500 total (and Bugatti doesn’t make many Bugattis, period). So any opportunity to buy one is rare. Picking up this fire-damaged Chiron represents perhaps an even rarer opportunity to buy one on the cheap. One used Chiron sold a few years ago at RM Sotheby’s Paris auction for a hair over $4 million.

As the kids might say, grabbing a Chiron for less than its original $3 million asking price would be “fire.” In this case, you’ll be dealing with the aftereffects of that descriptor: Namely, some significant charring around the front end that curiously creeps up the back half of the driver’s-side door.

We can’t make out from the photos whether anything aft of the passenger cabin was impacted by the blaze (this specific Chiron has the contrasting black or carbon-fiber rear body section), but it seems okay back there. That’s good news because the rear is the Chiron’s business end, as this is where the car’s 1,500-hp powertrain lives.

Negatives include a sooty interior—with possible water damage, from the looks of things—and a rather charred-up front trunk area. The left-front wheel is somewhat melted-looking (well, the tire, at least), and the driver’s side glass appears to have been speared by something. We’re going to speculate here that maybe this Chiron suffered a battery fire of some kind; its battery is located in the front trunk area, after all, though so are its myriad radiators.

Either way, if this sort of project interests you—and especially if, well, the thing actually runs—keep your eyes peeled for the Chiron’s Copart auction to be scheduled. The timing is TBD for now, but that merely gives you time to sell your house and cash out your 401k for this … opportunity.

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