British E-Mobility Firm Zinc Teams Up With Formula E For New GZ1 E-Scooter

Micromobility brand Zinc Sports has teamed up with global electric racing series Formula E to create a new range of electric scooters. Its first model, called the Formula E GZ1, has just been unveiled, and has a focus on safety and usability at an attractive price point. For those unaware, Zinc is a British manufacturer of electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards, and has 15 years of experience doing so.

At first glance, the Formula E GZ1 may look like your regular old electric kick scooter. However, it has a focus on safety with integrated headlights equipped with an ambient light sensor. The lights automatically switch on and off depending on the brightness of your surroundings, ensuring optimum visibility. On top of that, the scooter also incorporates turn indicators, keeping fellow road-users aware of your intentions. The Formula E GZ1 also gets E-ABS at the rear wheel to prevent locking up the wheel under heavy braking.

Although privately-owned electric scooters are still banned on public roads in the U.K., the Formula E GZ1 has been launched with safety and road-usability in mind, so that if and when the time comes the U.K. finally passes legislation allowing the use of e-scooters on public roads, the GZ1 will be more than up to the task.

Adding to the impressive list of safety features found on the GZ1 is Zinc’s proprietary gyroscopic system. According to the company, the technology allows the scooter to automatically regulate speed, smoothen out uneven road surfaces, and provide an overall more stable riding experience. All these high-tech features work hand-in-hand with the powerful 500-watt motor. As for the battery, the built-in 36V, 13-Ah lithium-ion battery pack can return a range of up to 31 miles on a single charge.

The Zinc Formula E GZ1 electric scooter is listed on Zinc’s official website at a retail price of $477 USD, although it appears that stocks are depleted as of this writing. Nevertheless, Zinc has plans of launching six more products in partnership with Formula E. These include two additional electric scooters, three electric bicycles, and a kick-scooter, all of which are scheduled for release in 2023.

Sources: Zinc, Move Electric

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