2022 Tata Tiago CNG Review : 12 Pros & 12 Cons

Tata claims that the Tiago iCNG has better gradeability than most other CNG cars, so you don’t have to switch to petrol mode while going up an incline. We found this to be true to an extent as the Tiago didn’t struggle on some everyday uphill sections we tried.

Tata Tiago iCNG Pros

  • An extremely well-implemented & well-tuned CNG kit
  • A CNG car with factory-backing, factory warranty & OEM standards of safety / quality
  • Available in the top variant, unlike most other CNG models
  • Cheap running costs that are way lesser than petrol hatchbacks
  • 24% lower CO2 emissions & greener image will appeal to the environmentally-conscious
  • Sorted road manners, including on the highway
  • Great styling; a very chic-looking hatchback at a fair price
  • Solid build & construction, unlike most of its flimsy competitors
  • High quality, well-designed interiors feel nice
  • City friendly nature: light controls, agreeable ergonomics & good driveability (in CNG too)
  • Amazing 8-speaker Harman entertainment system
  • 4-star GNCAP safety rating is praiseworthy

Tata Tiago iCNG Cons

  • No boot space at all due to the CNG tank. Get a carrier for those long journeys!
  • Reduced power output is evident on the highway. CNG mode has lesser top-end performance
  • Many Indian cities & towns don’t have CNG pumps. Queue for CNG can be long in metro cities
  • Firmer suspension & higher tyre PSI rating means you feel more of the bad roads / potholes
  • 26.49 km/kg FE is noticeably lower than direct competitors like the WagonR & Celerio CNG
  • Higher maintenance costs & upkeep (overall) in comparison with regular petrol variant
  • AMT / AT unavailable with the CNG kit, although we expect it to be introduced in due time
  • Removing & putting back the spare tyre is a tricky affair due to the CNG tank location
  • Rear headroom is tight. Also, a rare Tata car that cannot seat 5 (best for 4 adults)
  • Some deleted features = no alloy wheels and parking sensors
  • All passengers need to get out of the vehicle while refilling CNG
  • Tata’s after-sales service quality is a hit or miss. Remains a gamble

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